I am Done with Imlive

Working for:
live stream

I'm done with ImLive

This is an incomplete list of why

  • Lack of OBS support causes several issues.
    • lack of audio indicator
      • I am never sure if my audio works
      • I am never sure if my levels are right
    • lack of audio filter, so poor sound quality
    • like of real time band width indicator
    • Stream problems hard to detect and harder to diagnose
  • Poor communication
    • lack of response of billing questions
    • variance of payout days, and no payout processed notice
    • vague requirement like attentivness
    • no longer listing page rank
    • no longer listing total guests online
    • The vague email about stream quality
  • Poor app design
    • buttons for connect toy and take snapshot
    • pop-ups on login create a cheap feel.

Part of these could be caused by working though a white label, site. I cannot say if I will come back to them. At least for the forseeable future, I'm done.